Alumni Mentorship Program

Over the past couple of years, the active chapter has tried to establish an ongoing mentorship program to further undergraduate professional education. To a certain extent, we have been unsuccessful in this endeavor. As a chapter, we have decided to take a different route in professional networking.


Informational interviews have become an increasingly popular tool for many members of the chapter. This is what we would like our mentorship program to look like. Our goal is to compile a list of Minnesota Alpha alumni that includes their name, contact info, industry/professional field, and a short blurb about themselves. Individuals that choose to submit their information will then give the opportunity for undergraduate SAEs to contact them.


The informational interview program offers less of a commitment and an opportunity for undergraduates to explore their professional options. Both alumni and undergraduates can determine their ongoing relationship after their meeting. Through the informational interviews, we hope there are mutual benefits to both parties.


Click on the link at the top of the page to be added to the program.


If you have any questions please contact:


Kenny Devine (’15) - / (612) 432-6094

Mitch Lenhard (’15) - / (612) 616-5617

Brad Otto (’15) - / (952) 688-1317