Brotherhood and Social Events

One major part of joining a fraternity is the brotherhood involved with it. At our chapter, we do various activities as a group. Some of these activities include: Paintball, group Vikings games, trips to the various Gopher bowl games, an annual group trip to our headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, pick-up basketball, annual golf tournament, laser tag, skating, fantasy football, a FIFA video game league, and much more.

In addition to these brotherhood events, we also are involved with various social events. These events include our semesterly formals- away weekends at various resorts, Homecoming and Game Day tailgates, Machy Days - week long pairing with a sorority, our annual Christmas Event where we fill our basement with over 1000 square feet of packing peanuts, our annual Jungle Event where we fill our basement with sand and turf, sorority exchanges at different venues such as ice skating, poker night, karaoke, and more. 

Outside of our brotherhood and social events, we host opportunities for education and personal development. Bringing in speakers such as University of Minnesota Head Football Coach Jerry Kill, University Athletic Director Norwood Teague, Motivational Speaker Jason Jaggard, SHADE, Legal Services, a professional résumé reviewer, and more. This offers plenty of opportunity for education outside of our vast networking capabilities.