Joining a fraternity can be an intimidating process; we know, we've all been there. We've highlighted the steps of the process below, hopefully this information answers some of your questions and makes the rushing process fun and exciting, just as it should be.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out this contact form:


Meet our Recruitment Chairmen:

Carter Fallen, Junior

Hometown: Plymouth, MN 


Phone Number: 612-889-0547

Jake Rascher, Sophomore

Hometown: Mendota Heights, MN


Phone Number: 651-216-8926

Jack Deziel, Sophomore:

Hometown: Bloomington, MN


Phone Number: 952-607-9303

Jackson Jerneberg, Sophomore

Hometown: Roseville, MN


Phone Number: 651-528-9634


Step 1 - Get in Contact


Our fraternity has certain members that have been elected as recruitment chairmen. The job of the recruitment chairmen is to find young men who may be a good fit for joining our fraternity.

Step 3- Get to Know Us



Part of the recruitment chairmen's job is to answer any and all questions that you have about our fraternity. Make sure to ask them about anything you may be wondering about. The recruitment chairmen will also show you around our chapter house and 17th Avenue Residential Hall accommodations. 

Step 5 - New Member



If you feel SAE is the right fit for you and choose to accept your bid, you are then welcomed in as a new member. SAE doesn't have a pledging process- instead, we have implemented what is called the True Gentlemen experience. We believe that the education and development of our members should occur over four years instead of just one quick semester. You'll be able to participate in all fraternal activities - dinners, meetings, and events.  


Welcome to brotherhood!

Step 2- Breaking the Ice



When you reach out to one of our recruitment chairmen, this starts the process of getting to know you better. The recruitment chairmen may bring you out to dinner, invite you to a chapter event, or do whatever they think will allow them to best learn more about you. 

Step 4- Extending a Bid



If the recruitment chairmen believe that you are the right fit for SAE, they will extend you a "bid." A bid is a formal request for you to join our fraternity. You can accept the offer immediately, or you can take some time to consider this offer, talk it over with your family, and decide if you're ready to join. 

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