True Gentleman Experience

Our member development program has dramatically changed recently. On March 9, 2014, Sigma Alpha Epsilon released the "True Gentleman Experience" as its new member development program. The goal of the change is to shift the idea of member development from a short, intense pledge program to a more holistic member development experience that will encourage continuous development over the course of each brother's undergraduate years and beyond.


Our new program contains five experiences: baseline, loyalty, friendship, honor, and fraternity. Baseline is targeted at new members to help them learn the history, values, and expectations of SAE. Loyalty is for freshmen, friendship is for sophomores and juniors, honor is for seniors, and fraternity is for alumni. The experiences are run through online modules found at


Each experience focuses its module on citizenship, well-being, personal growth, and leadership. These modules provide an interactive way for brothers to actively learn and benefit from our member development program beyond just their freshman year. One of the most unique aspects of this program is that it provides an educational experience for alumni. The fraternity experience encourages undergraduates to continue to learn through Sigma Alpha Epsilon throughout their lives. Although we are still adjusting to the changes, we have embraced the new program as an opportunity to continually improve ourselves through our fraternity. Education in SAE no longer ends with initiation. Instead, it is a continuous process that lasts a lifetime.